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Showgirl's life Podcast

Join Athena Patacsil, former principal dancer in Donn Arden’s Jubilee!, as she preserves the history of the Showgirl and the Showgirl production shows through interviews and oral histories. The closing of the last Showgirl spectacular of its kind, Jubilee! in 2016 and a global Bluebell dancer reunion in 2019 were the impetus to create a show where former dancers, Showgirls, crew members and historians share what life was really like during their time as cast and crew of those stage spectacles. Topics ranging from performer life, getting paid to do what you love, confidence, discipline, resilience, femininity, sensuality, Showgirl history, life after dance, and preserving the history of the Showgirl and the shows she performed in will leave you in awe of the lives and purpose of all the people that were part of this unique genre of entertainment history.

LIVE recording June 18th!!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a fly on the wall of a podcast recording?? Well, now is your chance!! 

To celebrate one year of podcasting, I am hosting a LIVE virtual recording of the 1st anniversary episode!! And it’s a FREE event!! I would love to have you there!!


Show notes pages listed below, with the most recent episodes on top. Enjoy!!

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Every episode will feature a guest that has worked in Showgirl productions in Las Vegas and all over the world.
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