You were a Las Vegas Showgirl?!!!

Las Vegas Showgirl ephemera Bally's Jubilee! Storyteller Showcase
Showgirls.Life – Athena, aka Gazella Performance Coach

Hey there! I’m Athena, aka Gazella. Twenty years ago, I auditioned for the largest Las Vegas Showgirl spectacular, Jubilee!, and was offered a job as a Bluebell (covered chorus dancer.)

After five years of performing twelve shows per week, working my way up to principal dancer and receiving a degree in graphic design, I retired from dance and pursued the visual arts and crafts worlds.

Combining A Love of Dress Up and Glamour with Art

After almost a decade of not performing, I was welcomed back to the stage through burlesque and I began creating elaborate and expensive costumes. Not just burlesque costumes, but authentic Showgirl hats and jewelry.

Though I am not performing any longer, I am now creating my costumes just for fun. Fun for myself and fun for my Feathery Revelry immersive parties where guests experience the art of the Showgirl and learn to walk and pose then they get to try on the headdresses and jewelry and take professional photos. More on that here.

A Showgirl’s Life

A recent trip to Paris, France for a Showgirl reunion and then the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas for the Showgirl Exhibit, reignited my passion for the history of the Showgirl.

There is plenty of information out there about the producers and designers that created the shows, but very few stories of all the glamazons that graced the stages of those spectaculars and how they got there. It’s intriguing to me!!!

I have decided to launch a platform for real Showgirls to share their stories of their former glamour days to the world. In my podcast, Showgirl’s Life, I will be interviewing Showgirls (and Showboys!) from the heyday of Las Vegas Showgirl spectaculars (1950s-1990s.)

Were you a Showgirl or Showboy that’s interested in sharing your story on my podcast? You belong here >>>

​Preserving the history of the Showgirl

Through the design and creation of my feathery and sparkly pieces as well as my podcast, I hope to educate and entertain younger generations that are unaware of the icon of glamour that Las Vegas created, as well as revive interest for generations that have experienced a real Showgirl spectacle live.

Exclusive content will be available to my patrons on my Patreon page. Examples include exclusive Patreon only interviews (video and podcasts,) historical photos of guests, LIVE headdress/jewelry-making process videos, and LIVE costume debuts.