If you, like so many other women, are not madly in love with YOU (your body, face, or inner self;) and/or if you spend most of your time feeling timid, not confident, asexual, complacent, comfortable—don’t you want to, during this glorious life experience, figure out how to be that passionate, sexy and confident woman that you really are inside??? By learning how to enjoy more confidence (day in and day out,) how to figure out your brand of sexy (and why it’s important!), all while having fun in a playful and safe environment, you can BE that confident and sexy YOU, and live a more passionate life, NOW!
Any woman can tap into their empowered and glamorous inner self by indulging in my glamorous offerings because they learn tools to clarify their personal brand of sexy and how to share that with their world.
Showgirls.Life – Athena, aka Gazella Performance Coach

aka Gazella

I’m Athena, AKA Gazella, Colorado’s very own (resident) Las Vegas Showgirl. The most glamorous days of my life were spent performing in the largest showgirl production in Las Vegas, Donn Arden’s Jubilee! From a budding ballerina to a spotlighted showgirl, to full-time mom turned Showgirlpreneur, I have been down the rabbit hole of insecurity, low self-esteem, poor body image and self-loathing. But I was able to climb back out again, rebuild my confidence and begin sharing my unique talents and skills with the world so that young girls and women can do the same!

From 1:1 coaching to immersive group experiences, I share my Showgirl Shortcuts, which give you the tools to learn to BE confident, LOVE yourself inside and out and share that with your world. Learn to tackle all the things that come your way from the seemingly simple tasks like deciding what to wear today to scary stuff like moving past stage fright or saying NO to say YES to yourself. By tuning into your personal power, you can be a light that guides and allows others to blossom and grow. 

Allow me to guide you towards an authentic and amplified YOU.

What they say...

I have had the privilege of working with many women to help them get their sexy back. See what they have to say:

Shundra Marcae Jackson

"What you will get from your time spent with Athena, will be lessons that you can carry throughout all areas of your life...I've learned to loosen up more and become more comfortable with my body...I've learned to have more faith in myself. What I love most is that Athena is a teacher that wants to truly see you grow and learn to be kind to yourself, so you can also have fun enjoying the process.”


“[I learned] I am a gorgeous woman and my sensuality is innate and nothing to hide or not embrace.”


“I can't say enough about my time with Athena/Gazella & attending her Showgirl Experience! I got to try on some of her gorgeous costumes, learn showgirl moves & have fun! She was so warm & encouraging. We laughed a LOT & got silly... it's been such a long time since I smiled for the couple of hours that my face hurt. Best part... I left feeling more confident in myself!”