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Showgirl’s Life podcast is a hybrid solo/interview entertainment history show, available to listen for free on podcatchers and the Showgirl’s Life website. 

Showgirl’s Life is a hybrid solo/interview entertainment history podcast, available to listen for free on podcatchers and the Showgirl’s Life website. It is focused specifically on the genre of entertainment that featured Showgirls, Bluebell dancers and Kelly boys. Each episode reveals otherwise untold oral histories of guests who were parts of the cast and crew of Showgirl stage shows that were produced in Las Vegas, Nev., Reno, Nev., and Paris, Fr. between the years of 1958-2016.

Showgirl’s Life podcast is created for Showgirl aficionados, entertainment history buffs, former Showgirls and dancers from the shows as well as dancers and producers of production shows interested in learning about the Showgirl legacy.

It is hosted by Athena Patacsil, who was a principal dancer in Donn Arden’s Jubilee!, who also performed in the show as a chorus dancer from 2000-2004 before being promoted to principal. Every episode offers a behind-the-scenes peek into the lives of the characters who made possible the largest production shows in history. As of 2016, these shows have sadly become extinct.

These are the stories that add a truly compelling and very human dimension to an untouchable icon, the Las Vegas Showgirl.

Where to Listen

Episodes released twice a month, 1st and 3rd Saturdays, 1AM Mountain time


— September 2019 | Inception
– February 2020 | 1st guest approached
– April 2020 | Debut date decided
– May 2020 | Patreon page launched
– June 2020 | 1st recordings
– July 4, 2020 | Podcast launched! 🎉
– November 2020 | MGM fire 40th anniversary episode
– April 2021 | Road trip planning meeting
– May 2021 | Memberful membership launched
– June 2021 | Showgirl Road trip + 1st anniversary live recording
– July 2021 | Jubilee! 40th anniversary episode
– August 2021 | Change to twice a month releases


Showgirls Life | Bouffant Showgirl costume designed by Athena Patacsil

Athena Patacsil

Creator & Host

Athena Patacsil is on a mission to clear the Las Vegas Showgirl’s name and preserve her history through oral histories captured on podcast and creating content showcasing the art of the Showgirl.

Athena began her life onstage at the age of 3. Her dance career evolved from tutus and pointe shoes to high heels and feathered headdresses. She left her home town of Aurora, Colorado and traveled across the globe to Moscow, Russia to study with the Bolshoi Ballet at the age of 16. A contract with Nevada Ballet Theatre took her to Las Vegas and then on to the stage of the Jubilee Theatre, Bally’s Las Vegas where she high-kicked her way from the back row of the chorus to principal dancer in just a few short years.

She retired from the stage and transitioned into the visual arts working as a graphic designer at SK+Group ad agency. From Vegas back to Colorado, via Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, she pursued her design career working in-house marketing departments, freelance and boutique design studios as designer turned art director before starting her own production company, Gazealous Productions in 2016.

When she’s not busy being a day-maker, you can find her creating content for her Members, hand-crafting headdresses and costumes in her studio or being a mom.

Her podcast — Showgirl’s Life — is nearing its first anniversary with 48 regular episodes and 8 bonus episodes released.

Explore her sparkly world at Showgirls.Life

Phelyx Hopkins

Sound designer/VO

Professor Phelyx is a career entertainer who began performing magic for audiences in 1981. Phelyx has earned seven acclaimed  residencies, including thirteen years at Denver’s famous Clocktower Cabaret and headlining his one-man show at Historic Stanley Hotel.

While he has toured the country and starred in several theatrical shows he has also managed to Emcee, write, and produce many many more.

Phelyx frequently performs for his corporate, private, and celebrity clients and is currently negotiating yet another residency for publicly available, ticketed shows. He is also actively writing his newest show (the one he calls his masterwork) and preparing for his latest film appearance.

In his secret life, Phelyx has worked as a visual artist earning awards for works like a suite of wine label designs for Sleight of Hand Cellars, crafting props that are used in theater and film productions in a dozen different countries, and designing, co-designing, engineering and building sculptural frameworks of costuming elements for the collections at and Gazealous Productions.

You can learn more at

What people are saying

“[Showgirl’s Life podcast] I’m finding brilliant—so entertaining. I’ve listened to every single episode with joy. I’ve even listened to a couple twice because I wanted to hear people’s stories again! It’s so exciting! I love it! Thank you so much!” – Alison Kravenko-Johnson, guest episodes 37, 38 & 45

“I also really love listening to your podcast now knowing a little bit more about you. Then it makes it more fun to think of the host as not just someone out there, but oh my gosh, we share a lot of the same things in our heart as far as the arts, things around healing and the mama heart.”
– Sheri Lewis, guest episodes 10 & 19 , host of Bluebell’s Forever Podcast

Listener supported

Showgirl’s Life is an independent, listener supported podcast. A Patreon page was launched to gather support from listeners on May 1, 2020. It will be closed on May 31, 2021 to move the membership to the Showgirl’s Life website and will now be hosted by Memberful. Censorship by the Patreon website is the main reason for the transition,* the other reason being the desire to have a main hub where the audience can go to consume the content created each month.

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* Showgirl’s Life does not appear in a search on the home page of because it is an adult content creator.
“There is something of being a patron that’s fun because i get the bonus stuff that nobody else gets to hear.” –Sheri Lewis, host of Bluebells Forever podcast

Additional Info

This podcast has an explicit rating due to the conversations and topics surrounding topless dancers and some swear words, not present in every episode.

Showgirl’s Life is not currently accessible through transcripts. Plans for all previous episodes to be fully accessible by June 1, 2022.

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