Celebrating the girls who made Las Vegas,
one story at a time

Yes, that’s right. I am being so bold to say that Las Vegas Showgirls made Vegas. So why not celebrate them in all of their sparkly, glamorous, divine feminine glory? 

This site is dedicated to preserving the history of the Showgirl and her role in one of the most unique forms of entertainment, cabaret. 

And while you’re here learning about her alluring essence, you just might find that there is a little bit of Showgirl in all of us.


Showgirl’s Life celebrates the history of the Las Vegas Showgirl with interviews of former cast and crew from some of the most iconic Showgirl spectaculars that hit the stages in Las Vegas. Wonder what happened to the Las Vegas Showgirl?


Read more about the Showgirl, what it was like to be a Showgirl, what it takes to be a Showgirl and more about what I like to call Showgirl Philosophy. Embodying the Showgirl taught me real-life lessons on confidence, work ethic and authenticity.


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I’m a former Las Vegas Showgirl who teaches women to feel more comfortable in their bodies so they can get their sexy back. By sharing the history and mystique of the Showgirl, I help women embody confidence so that they can take their power back and feel like their best self.
Showgirls Life | Bouffant Showgirl costume designed by Athena Patacsil
Athena Patacsil
Showgirlpreneur &
Former Principal Dancer