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There’s more to the Showgirl than feathers and sparkles!! Showgirls make the transformation from ordinary to extraordinary from the stage and in life. Learn how the Showgirl can be part of your next event or retreat!

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Where did the Showgirl go??? Find her and her stories here! Become a member to help Athena continue creating the Art of the Showgirl and preserving the Legacy of the Las Vegas Showgirl. Want to support the Showgirl Legacy?

Showgirl's life Podcast

Athena Patacsil—a former principal dancer in Donn Arden’s Jubilee!—aka Gazella, takes you behind the scenes of vintage Showgirl shows. A Showgirl’s Life celebrates the history of the Showgirl with exclusive interviews of former cast members and crew from some of the most iconic Showgirl spectaculars that hit the stages in Las Vegas and Paris.

Showgirl's Life Podcast | Behind the scenes with real Las Vegas Showgirls
“I am preserving the history of the Showgirl through making costumes, creating a platform that other Showgirls can share their stories on and creating immersive experiences with dress up and feathers.”
Showgirl's Life | Where Vintage Vegas Glamour Meets Immersive Experiences | Preserving the history and Art of the Showgirl | Athena, aka Gazella
Athena, aka Gazella
Showgirl & Coach