Glamorous Fetes

The ultimate indulgence for the woman who wants to add more glamour and transform her mundane into magic, Gazella hosts Feathery Revelries to teach you how to tap into your inner Showgirl and transfer that confidence into your daily life.

Showgirls.Life Authentic + Amplified Retreat with a Las Vegas Showgirl
Showgirls.Life World-class Entertainment


Combining Classic Showgirls and Mentalism, Gazealous Productions is bringing back vintage-style Vegas entertainment with a twist. By stimulating mind and body to create the ultimate adult night out, you will be left with more than fleeting memories—you just may learn a thing or two.

What's Your Brand of Sexy?

Curious about how you show up with your feminine essence in this world? Take my quiz to find out what your Brand of Sexy is, and learn how to AMPLIFY it!

“I help women unleash a confident and passionate woman to their world through playful and glamorous experiences.”
Showgirls.Life – Athena, aka Gazella Performance Coach
Athena, aka Gazella
Showgirl & Coach
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