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If you are passionate about self expression and amplifying the power of the feminine so that old systems can dissolve and women can start living more authentically in this world, you are in the right place!!
Showgirls Life | Free guide to Why people-pleasing is costing you your freedom: 10 Shifts for Personal Empowerment to Quit Self-Neglect (So that you can start living your best life)


Why people-pleasing is costing you your freedom:

10 Shifts for Personal Empowerment to Quit Self-Neglect 

A free guide for curious lifelong learners who want to amplify their presence but don’t know how.

Amplify You Podcast

A podcast series created to inspire you to take up more space and shine in a world that has conditioned you to be small.

Sexy Self Care | Develop your signature Sexy Self Care ritual January 9-February 6, 2022 And feel a greater sense of sensuality, presence and productivity.

Sexy Self Care

Sexy Self Care is a small-group coaching intensive designed to support you in developing a sensual self care ritual that turns you on and lights you up in 2022. Starts January 9, 2022. Limited to 15 goddesses.

I’m a former Las Vegas Showgirl who inspires women to add more glamour to their daily lives. I help them feel sexy, confident, and feminine so that they can have more fun.
Athena Patacsil, I’m a former Las Vegas Showgirl who teaches women to feel more comfortable in their bodies so they can get their sexy back.
Athena Patacsil
Confidence Coach & Podcast Host


Showgirl’s Life celebrates the history of the Las Vegas Showgirl with interviews of former cast and crew from some of the most iconic Showgirl spectaculars that hit the stages in Las Vegas. Wonder what happened to the Las Vegas Showgirl?


Read more about the Showgirl, what it was like to be a Showgirl, what it takes to be a Showgirl and more about what I like to call Showgirl Philosophy. Embodying the Showgirl taught me real-life lessons on confidence, work ethic and authenticity.


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