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Tier 1 $10/mo

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Showgirl's Life podcast Year 2 | Donate today to keep the show running!

Help keep Showgirl’s Life on the air by donating today! All donations go directly to the costs related to producing and maintaining the show.

Podcast creation costs
Adobe Creative Cloud subscription (editing apps) $50 per month ($600 annually)
Buzzsprout podcast hosting subscription $18 per month ($216 annually)
Transcription service $100 annually
Editor $250 per month ($3000 annually)
Sound engineer $250 per month ($3000 annually)
Graphic design services $500 per month ($6000 annually)

Additional business expenses
Quickbooks $15 per month ($180 annually)
Mailchimp $15 per month ($180 annually)
Plus, transaction fees (2-4%)

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