December 2020 guest roundup bonus episode

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Here is your December 2020 guest roundup bonus episode. This month’s episode is a bit short. Sometimes it’s tough to get some guests to really open up and share more, especially with hectic schedules!! So this bonus has the three men that shared their stories in December, Sal Angelica, Alan Clancy and Scott Barnard. Their careers spanned four decades between the three of them and they share the privilege they experienced being the supporting roles for Showgirls. Topics included are onstage mishaps, mistaken identities, working with Donn Arden and other producers and performing in burlesque shows. Enjoy!!


If you have suggestions for future bonus episodes, I will try to make them work within each month’s interviews. Maybe a specific question? Drop them in the comments below please!


Showgirl's Life Podcast | ep 23 What happens when weight notices don't bother you featuring Janet Sawczuk-Chapman
Showgirl's Life Podcast | ep 24 The joy of being asked by producers to work for them without an audition featuring Sal Angelica
Showgirl's Life Podcast | ep 25 Las Vegas really was the wild wild West featuring Alan Clancy
Showgirl's Life Podcast | ep 26 Occupational hazards of dancing in a topless show featuring Scott Barnard

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