ep 027 Auditions: Does it ever get any easier? Featuring Athena Patacsil

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Today’s episode is all about AUDITIONS! Listen in to hear about my experiences with auditions from my very first ballet audition when I was 12 years old until my final audition as Principal in Jubilee! eighteen years later.

 I discuss what went down in a showgirl show audition, what dancers went through during the process of auditions and the lessons I learned years after I left the stage. I also added my favorite audition stories from past guests about embarrassing moments, how determination can get you the job and cattle calls. Enjoy!

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As promised at the end of this episode, I will be giving away something sparkly to the first person to correctly answer which butt is mine in the photo above. Send me your guess by email to hello [at] Showgirls [dot] life. 

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