ep 014 The Showgirl gave me confidence featuring Su Kim Chung

Showgirl's Life Podcast | Ep. 14 The Showgirl gave me confidence with special guest Su Kim Chung

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This episode features the more scholarly side of the history of the Showgirl. My guest, Su Kim Chung, Head of Public Services, talks about her role in the preservation of the Showgirl legacy for the UNLV library Special Collections and Archives in Las Vegas. 

We discuss a bit of the history of the Showgirl, what types of documents are being archived at the library and who killed the Las Vegas Showgirl. Listen now for insights from a Showgirl Superfan about the Vegas icon.

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Showgirls.Life | Ep. 14 The Showgirl gave me confidence featuring Su Kim Chung
Jubilee! Showgirls photo from the Showgirls Special Collection UNLV Library Special Collections

Some of the papers that have been donated to the archives include production notes, costume sketches and news clippings from creators of the Showgirl productions in Las Vegas, like Donn Arden and Jerry Jackson. Those collections have been digitally archived and are available for public viewing on the web! Click the link here to be taken to the digital collection.

In this video, I am showing off the book that Su Kim wrote. Enjoy! ? Athena

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