ep 056 Showgirl Deconstructed: There are no more Showgirl shows featuring Alison Kravenko Johnson

Showgirl's Life Podcast | ep 37 How being a “Donn Arden girl” has shaped life as a teacher, choreographer and woman featuring Alison Kravenko part 1

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What is a showgirl show? In this special episode, I brought back Alison Kravenko Johnson to deep dive about how there are no more Showgirl shows left. This new feature of Showgirls Life will happen once a month where I bring on an encore guest to discuss one specific topic in the Showgirl’s Life. This month, Alison and I had a conversation about what a Showgirl show is, why it went away, what Showgirls whom were at the beginning of their careers are doing now and more about why the Showgirl went away. Fascinating conversation about our thoughts and feelings about all of the above. Enjoy!

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  1. I listened to this with Alison and it was very interesting! Thank you Athena! You are doing such an excellent job! I can’t wait to do this too! XO

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