ep 050 What is a Showgirl?

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This 50th episode of Showgirls Life is a collection of guests sharing their perspectives on what a Showgirl is and what she isn’t. Think you know what a Showgirl is? Definitely NOT like she was portrayed in Showgirls the movie. What a joke! On the other hand, the Showgirl is more than feathers and legs, she is an icon of glamour and grace. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “ep 050 What is a Showgirl?”

  1. Athena,
    You have really caught the essence, the meaningful , and important role and the life of a Showgirl.
    Congratulations on your successful podcast and your Love of the Art of the Showgirl and show-boy’s life as performers, entertainers, from students to families, teachers, etc who graced the Vegas stages and beyond.
    Best Blessings and positive energy always, Doll-Every

    1. Athena Patacsil

      ? Thank you, Doll-E!! I am happy to know you and have your support as I bring this message to the world.

      Thank you for being part of this episode and using all the wisdom you gleaned as a Showgirl/Dancer to create your own beautiful impact in this world. ?

  2. the whie part threw me off, what about the Brazilian and cuban show girls who are not white? lol this was a great podcast anyway

    1. This podcast focuses primarily on the Showgirls that appeared on Las Vegas and French stages, which were originally more diverse (from other countries,) than they became at a later date. Make sure to listen to the Diversifying the Narrative series that shares about the “Ebony” line that danced in Jubilee! and other Donn Arden Productions.

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