ep 037 How being a “Donn Arden girl” has shaped life as a teacher, choreographer and woman featuring Alison Kravenko

Showgirls Life podcast with Showgirls in costume Athena Patacsil and Dancing Nude Alison Kravenko

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Alison Kravenko was destined to be a Showgirl. It is part of her family legacy. Her mother was one of the original Bluebells to come across the pond to perform in the Lido de Paris at the Stardust hotel back in 1958.

Once Alison focused her sights on dancing and trained to be a ballerina, it was just a short time before she had her chance to audition for Donn Arden and was cast in the opening cast of Jubilee! We discuss her path from high school drill team to Bluebell dancer and beyond in this first part of two episodes featuring Alison.

Part two with Alison Kravenko is here! Last episode, we learned how Alison was born to be a Showgirl because of her family legacy and its ties to the Bluebell dancers. This episode Alison and I dive more in depth to costumes, details about Jubilee and the revamps of the opening and finale and her life after the show. 

Showgirl's Life Podcast | ep 045 A peek into three generations of women in show business and their family legacy featuring Janet Kravenko, Alison Kravenko and Skyla Johnson

ep 045 Three generations of Las Vegas entertainers

This very special episode features three generations of Las Vegas performers Janet Kravenko, Alison Kravenko and Skyla Johnson.

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