ep 40 The gratitude and grace of a third generation Las Vegas performer as she continues her legacy despite restrictions featuring Skyla Johnson

Vintage Las Vegas Showgirl Athena pictured with 21st century showgirl Skyla Johnson

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Skyla Johnson, currently performing in Las Vegas at the Luxor in Fantasy, shares how her showbiz lineage has shaped her as a performer and woman. We discuss her audition for the show, the differences between classic Las Vegas Showgirls and the current performers on “The Strip” as well as lessons she has learned from her family about Show business.

She carries on the legacy of her family as the “new” Showgirl while still performing nightly. This is the fourth episode of the first show family on the podcast. Previously, her mother, Alison Kravenko and grandmother, Janet Kravenko shared their histories on the show. Enjoy!

Showgirl's Life Podcast | ep 045 A peek into three generations of women in show business and their family legacy featuring Janet Kravenko, Alison Kravenko and Skyla Johnson

ep 045 Three generations of Las Vegas entertainers

This very special episode features three generations of Las Vegas performers Janet Kravenko, Alison Kravenko Johnson and Skyla Johnson.

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