episode 9

Better than corporations
and Cirque

Showgirl's Life Podcast | Ep. 9 Better than corporations and Cirque with special guest Frieda Bronfin-Morgan

This episode features a former wardrobe technician in Jubilee for 20 years. Frieda Bronfin was part of the crew that helped us in and out of our costumes and kept them looking dazzling and in good condition, night after night. 

We talk about her personal experience working with magicians, dressing performers in shows, being part of a “show” family and how things changed in showbiz in Las Vegas over the years.

on the show

We talked a bit about Golden Rainbow. If you are interested in learning more about this organization, please checkout their website.

The glamour continues...

Over on my Patreon page! I made a video about some of the terms discussed in this episode. Watch now!

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