August 2020 guests roundup bonus episode

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This is the second bonus episode, August 2020 guests roundup, is available exclusively for you! There are a few juicy bits that didn’t make the public cut. Featuring Pete Menefee, Nikki Adamo, Randall Patterson, Rosemary Tall DeHart & Frieda Bronfin-Morgan.



If you missed these episodes, here are the links again!

Showgirl's Life Podcast | Ep. 5 Like being shot out of a cannon with special guest Pete Menefee
Showgirl's Life Podcast | Ep. 6 Mobsters and lobsters with special guest Nikki Adamo Schwebel
Showgirl's Life Podcast | Ep. 7 You can never go back with special guest Randall Patterson
Showgirl's Life Podcast | Ep. 8 Chassé, push and smile with special guest Rosemary Tall DeHart
Showgirl's Life Podcast | Ep. 9 Better than corporations and Cirque with special guest Frieda Bronfin-Morgan

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