ep 010 You have to be this tall to ride this ride featuring Sheri Lewis

Showgirl's Life Podcast | Ep. 10 You have to be this tall to ride this ride with special guest Sheri Lewis

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This is a very special episode featuring a lovely chat between myself and Bluebells Forever podcast host, Sheri Lewis. Not our typical formats, but a wonderful conversation about why we started our podcasts, being Bluebells/Showgirls and being women in this world.

Mentioned on the show

Bluebells Forever podcast with Sheri Lewis

Want to check out another podcast about Showgirls? Bluebells Forever is created by Sheri Lewis and focuses on the Bluebell dancers in the Showgirl productions all over the world.

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September 2020 Monthly Bonus episode

Here’s the September 2020 guests roundup bonus episode. Just a few juicy bits that didn’t make the public cut. Created specifically for members. Enjoy!

Featuring Sheri LewisElana McKinley-BraianisAnna Cooke, and Christopher Childers.

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