ep. 002 Running off to join the circus featuring Eileen Ryans Scott

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From circus Showgirl to classic Las Vegas Showgirl, Eileen Ryans Scott tells the real truth about what it was like to be an African-American dancer in Las Vegas. She explains how “advance” audition notices alerted her to attend an audition and how she eventually landed her dream job as a Showgirl in Donn Arden’s Jubilee!

Eileen reminisces about her love of her time as a Jubilee Showgirl and the community that was there for her during her ten and a half years in the show. She also talks about how becoming a Showgirl pulled her out of her shell and allowed her to be seen. Listen to her fascinating story now!

Mentioned on the show

Joan Lunden did a piece about her experience as a Las Vegas Showgirl. Check it out! Probably some of the most in depth behind the scenes footage of Jubilee out there!

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Featuring Eileen Ryans-ScottRachel Zinn and Lindsey Raven.

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