The Show will go on! MGM fire bonus episode

Here is the bonus episode, The Show will go on! as part of the release of the MGM Grand Fire anniversary episode

The fire on November 21, 1980, destroyed millions of dollars worth of costumes and sets and claimed the lives of 85 people, including one of the crew members. This episode is about the rebuild and the tremendous effort that it took to go from destruction to opening night. Featuring Pete Menefee, famed costume designer, Diana Eden, costume designer and assistant to Mr. Menefee and Bob Mackie during the production of Jubilee! and Jakki Ford, former dancer and principal singer from Jubilee!


Let’s keep the conversation going about this episode, now that this episode is live! Comment below with your favorite part of the episode or any questions you might have had from the interview.


Showgirl's Life Podcast | ep 21 MGM Grand fire and the impact on the opening of Jubilee!

Haven’t heard the episode about the fire yet? Click the link to check out ep 021 MGM Grand fire and the impact on the opening of Jubilee!

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