ep 066 Showgirl Deconstructed: Why Showgirls was the worst movie ever made with Christopher Childers

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This episode has been over a year in the making. I have been wanting to have this chat since I found out my friend Christopher Childers was in the movie Showgirls. In case you haven’t seen this movie, please know there are a few “spoilers” in this episode. And I will say that unless you really want to watch a highly misogynistic portrayal of strippers and dancers that is fueled by patriarchal standards, you may not even want to waste your time. The movie is highly offensive and ruined an actress’s career. Her career took the fall, not the male who directed it. Need I say more?

Christopher was one of the dancers in the movie. I didn’t know he had any connection with the movie, which is a horrible depiction of what life is like for a Las Vegas production show dancer, until our chat for episode 13 last summer. He agreed to come back and talk about his experience acting in the movie as well as how the movie has affected him 25 years later. We had so much fun during this chat. Enjoy!!

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