ep 061 Born to be a performer featuring Tiffany Johnson

Showgirls Life | ep 061 Born to be a performer featuring Tiffany Johnson

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Tiffany Johnson was a tall nude in Donn Arden’s Jubilee! in 1999 and left just before I got into the show. She returned for 3 more years almost a decade later. She has had a long career with a variety of opportunities and achievements. One thing to note is that we grew up in the same city and saw each other at all the dance competitions. The last time I saw her before I got into the show in 2000 was in Las Vegas at a Nationals competition in 1994, which was the year that she turned pro by joining the Nuggets dance team. 

As a woman of color, Tiffany has experienced the usual treatment in regards to race while working in the entertainment industry. Add to that the fact that she is 6’1” and you get a bit of an idea of how life as a dancer has been for her. Listen in to hear her thoughts on racism in entertainment, being a Las Vegas Showgirl and how she changed certain standards for the women of color that came after her time in Jubilee! 

Mentioned on the show

Tiffany and I reconnected in 2018 when I produced the Mystical Caper The Great Escape From Las Vegas show with Professor Phelyx. This one of a kind show featured his mind-reading magic and three Jubilee! showgirls in mini productions inspired by the numbers we performed on the Jubilee! stage. I posted a video of one of the numbers in the all access members area available for Rhinestone members last year.

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