Ep 047 How a 5’4” singer dancer came to be the Principal singer in Lido de Paris Allez Lido featuring Debra Lee Kristian, part 2

Debra Lee Kristian is back for part 2 where she shares more about life at the Lido de Paris at the Stardust Hotel when the mob ran it. She has a few stories of interactions with Frank Rosenthal and how upset she was at a nickname he gave her. We discuss the immensity of the Donn Arden productions he was famous for producing and what it was like working for the Mob. Enjoy!

Mentioned on the show

Debra Lee talked about not having any videos of her performing. But that there are actual recordings available. Here is one of them available on YouTube.

May 2021 Monthly Bonus episode

Here is your May guest roundup bonus episode!! This episode features Marty LewisAlison KravenkoDebra Lee Kristian and Dollie Eaglin. More mind-blowing stories from these guests!!

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