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About the show

Athena Patacsil, aka Gazella, takes you behind the scenes of vintage Showgirl shows. Showgirl’s Life celebrates the history of the Showgirl with exclusive interviews of former cast members and crew from some of the most iconic Showgirl spectaculars that hit the stages in Las Vegas and Paris.

Showgirl's Life | Where Vintage Vegas Glamour meets Immersive Celebrations | Showgirl in Paris

Why a podcast about showgirls?

A recent trip to Paris, France for a Showgirl reunion and then the Nevada State Museum in Las Vegas for the Showgirl Exhibit, reignited my passion for the history of the Showgirl.

There is plenty of information out there about the producers and designers that created the shows, but very few stories of all the glamazons that graced the stages of those spectaculars and how they got there. It’s intriguing to me!!!

I have decided to launch a platform for real Showgirls to share their stories of their former glamour days to the world. In my podcast, Showgirl’s Life, I will be interviewing Showgirls (and Showboys!) from the heyday of Las Vegas Showgirl spectaculars (1950s-1990s.)

If you are curious about the costumes, the life of Showgirls and Showboys, how dancers became Showgirls and Showboys or anything about the sparkly life backstage, listen to the podcast to hear the REAL stories!!

Showgirl's Life Podcast | Ep. 5 Like being shot out of a cannon with special guest Pete Menefee

We have all had the privilege of making Las Vegas history! Please accommodate anyone interested in preserving the period, particularly oral history…so important to hear the real poop from all of us!

Pete Menefee

Costume Designer

Were you involved in a Showgirl production and interested in sharing your story on the podcast? You belong here >>>

Want more showgirl stories?

Every episode will feature a guest that has worked in Showgirl productions in Las Vegas and all over the world.
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