Jubilee! Finale Principal Star Backpack

Welcome to Showgirl Story Time about the beautiful Bob Mackie Jubilee Costume, the Star!

I will be sharing stories of my time in Jubilee!, history of showgirls, showgirl shows, as well as recent Showgirl shenanigans.

And because I want to inspire and uplift, I will be sharing little stories I have collected about LIFE, LOVE and BEING YOURSELF.

In this video, I talk about the Bob Mackie Jubilee costume that was worn by Geena Davis in the 3rd season of Glow. The Principal dancers wore The Star in the finale of Jubilee! Someone did their homework about the costume and attributed the designer correctly in the show. Reading the article about her experience picking out which Showgirl costume she would wear for the scene was fun.

Though I am curious why the costumes are being rented out for TV and movies like this. All of the former cast members are curious what has become of the costumes. Last I heard was that they were all locked up on the racks in the basement of the theatre. I wish I knew more. I would love to see those costumes displayed in a museum. They are true works of art by designers Pete Menefee and Bob Mackie.

Enjoy the video of me sharing what it was like to wear a 35 pound pack of feathers on my back and walk gracefully across the stage!

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Showgirl's Life blog | "Bo" gallery costume designed by Athena Patacsil

Want to learn more about the making of this costume? Head over to the Inside Gazealous Vlogs to learn about the inspiration, process and stats of the costume.

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