The making of a Showgirl crown, part 1, Inspiration

Showgirl's Life | Inside Gazealous Studio "Bo" Showgirl crown and body chain introduction

Welcome back to the Inside Gazealous Studio costume series. This is part one in a series about the crown I lovingly nicknamed “Bo” after the crown of the same nickname from the white principal finale costume in Jubilee designed by Bob Mackie and the body chain that goes with it.

In this video, I describe why I made this crown and the trouble with getting it made in the first place. I hit some resistance in a community of so-called tolerant people (Burners,) and was taken aback by their response to my request to collaborate. Watch the video to learn about how I was “burned” by the Burner community.

Thank you for watching!

Part two about the process releases next week! Stay tuned!


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