Inside Gazealous Studio: The making of a Showgirl crown, part 2, Process

Showgirl's Life | Inside Gazealous Studio "Bo" Showgirl crown and body chain process

Welcome back to part two of the “Bo” crown and body chain series. If you missed part one, you can see it here.

The time spent to bring this Showgirl headdress and body chain to the stage was over a year in the making. But the actual construction time took about three weeks total. Watch the video to see how this crown became from the sourcing of the materials to the actual construction of the piece itself. Enjoy!

Thank you for watching!

Part three about the stats and finished pieces releases next week! Stay tuned!

Showgirl's Life | Where Vintage Vegas Glamour Meets Immersive Experiences | Preserving the history and Art of the Showgirl | Athena, aka Gazella

If you are curious about the video I mention that I made about Why I made “Bo,” the video is available on my Patreon page, with me wearing it!!

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