What’s Your Brand of Sexy?

What's Your Brand of Sexy? Showgirls.Life Blog Find out what feminine energy you use most in this world

What is a Brand of Sexy?

Recently, I released a quiz to determine your Brand of Sexy. Take the quiz below to find out what your Brand of Sexy is and how you show up in love and life with feminine energy and archetypes.

How I work with feminine energies

In my effort to help women more easily tap into their femininity and in turn live more confident lives, I use information from the book Simply Irresistible by Ellen T. White. She segmented the feminine energies into five discernible “Sirens” based upon which male desire they fulfill in their being. (Very interesting reading, but there is more to it than her book allows.)

For the work that I focus on, I will be calling them Brands. These Brands are all unique and powerful in their own way, but can also inspire one to engage in maladaptive behaviors. I will explain further using the language from Carolyn Myss’ archetype work in the book Sacred Contracts, Lights and Shadows.

I posted a bit about my personal introduction to archetypes in How the Mom Became a Showgirl blog.

How does it work?

There are many energies swirling around and through us daily—called personas in psychological terms. Some days we are more sensual, others we are more competitive, and others more nurturing. Literally just like articles of clothing we wear everyday, we put them on and feel them as our identity. Sometimes we embody more than one at a time, which is how I believe I snagged my love.

When tapped into the positive side of the energy, we are focused on abundance, everything working out and not worried about the future. We are present and generous in our interactions. Our closest tend to magnetize to us to bathe in the beauty of our light. 

When in the shadow, we are in a shadow and not allowing the energy of the light to fill us. We end up focusing on lack or things not working out so we have to take action to manipulate the situation so that it goes well. Who wants to be known as a manipulator???


The perfect example of this is the Flirt. She is the epitome of sugar and spice. She knows when to turn up the naughty, and she knows when to turn up the nice. Say she is speeding down the roadway and gets pulled over by the police. She will then determine which “angle” (feigned innocence or sultry vamp) to use as the officer approaches the vehicle. She then taps into that during the interaction and depending on her “performance” will learn if it works or not. I have tried this before, and usually fall on feigned innocence—works every time!

Secrets of the Brands

The secret of the brands is learning how to spot where you are in the energy and determine how to shift focus so that you are amplifying your brilliant self moment to moment.

Introducing the Five Brands of Sexy


Brands of Sexy Tap into Feminine Energies archetypes

Archetypes: Goddess, Hedonist and Lover

When Focused in the Light:

This energy allows strong feminine life force to be revealed through wisdom, tuning into Nature and the physical senses. Highly passionate and appreciative, this energy inspires through creativity and the celebration of pleasure and fun.

If Consumed by the Shadow:

She will exploit her female figure in the pursuit of pleasure, sometimes to the detriment of her health and relationships with others. Passion can turn into obsession that leads to self-destructive behaviors.


Brands of Sexy Tap into Feminine Energies archetypes

Archetypes: Mother, Servant, Advocate

When Focused in the Light:

This energy cultivates patience, unconditional love, compassion and enjoyment in the process of creation. Service to others is performed to nurture with a free and open heart.

If Consumed by the Shadow:

This energy will smother or abandon those that have been nurtured and use guilt and shame to manipulate if the nurturer’s position is threatened by other’s empowerment. Thoughts of lack prevent personal growth and embrace drama.


Brands of Sexy Tap into Feminine Energies archetypes

Archetypes: Athlete, Rebel, Warrior

When Focused in the Light:

This energy is dedicated to physical empowerment and the cultivation of strong will and spirit. Challenging authority and belief systems that do not serve inner needs inspire one’s own strength, discipline and heroics.

If Consumed by the Shadow:

This energy misuses its physical strength selfishly leading to entitlement and a false sense of invincibility. Rejection of authority and social constructs out of anger or compromising integrity for victory causes this energy to be indifferent to others’ suffering.


Brands of Sexy Tap into Feminine Energies archetypes

Archetypes: Damsel, Femme Fatale, Prostitute

When focused in the Light:

This energy is inspired by personal empowerment, romance, the erotic power of the feminine, and thriving without negotiating the power of your spirit.

Consumed by the Shadow:

This energy causes one to wait to be rescued and seduced by illusions of romance. Placing higher value in material possessions and security above empowerment of self is exhibited through the inappropriate use of sensuality or obsession to money and power.


Brands of Sexy Tap into Feminine Energies archetypes

Archetypes: Companion, Shape-Shifter, Networker

When Focused in the Light:

This energy exhibits loyalty, selflessness, perseverance and empathy. Connecting dots and people by examining potential enhances the solidarity of one’s community, which she uses to cultivate a tribe.

If Consumed by the Shadow:

This energy can lead to betrayal of confidences, projections that serve personal agendas, spreading fear and negativity and loss of one’s own identity due to opportunist tendencies.

This is really just an intro to the Brands, but I will be posting more on each of them, with case studies soon!!

Go take the quiz and find out more about your own personal brand of sexy and learn how to positively amplify your feminine energies by downloading the free PDF outlining each brand.


Athena, aka Gazella

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