How Laughing Leads to a Confident and Sexy You

Showgirls.Life – How Laughing Leads to a Confident and Sexy You

One of the things I have been talking about with my coaching clients and bachelorettes is tapping into your genuine sexy self in order to loosen up your hips to walk like a showgirl.

As I engage with different students, women with dance backgrounds and none at all, I have realized that everyone has a different way of interpreting this.

What I mean is that some of us women already have an idea of how to “tap in” to our own personal brand of sexy. Others have no idea what that even means.

Here is what I mean when I talk about your brand of sexy:
Each of us is a unique individual with our own perspective and personal preferences that we have developed over our lifetime. We have envisioned in our minds the “perfect” woman that we want to be from various things we have experienced in our lives. I have always been attracted to glitz and glamour and the female icons who embodied that from generations past, so that is my ideal brand of sexy.

There are so many ideal women out there: the June Cleaver, the Marilyn, the Jackie, the Lucy, etc. Do you know which one is yours?

When I play dress up, style my outfits, put on a full face and don my hair, (meaning put on a wig or hairpiece because I don’t ever really style my hair; it is too time consuming,) I am starting the process of “tapping in” to my sexy self. It is a process. And a practice.

I walk more confidently. I make better decisions. I just feel sexier and more of my true, authentic self.

Tapping into that sexy self of yours shouldn’t be hard. It should come naturally. But you have to know what you are doing to block it before you can start to allow it.

What is blocking it is different for everyone, but it usually starts with self-doubt. And to get rid of that doubt, you have to give up on caring what other people think.

Do you ever wonder why older women don’t give a f*ck anymore? Because they have finally given up the thing that had been holding them back their whole lives—caring what others think.

I used to hate my body because it wasn’t the body I needed to be a prima ballerina. I had the talent and technique, but I also had hips and breasts. I got constant weight notices which in turn made me eat more, not less.

But when I made the move from ballerina to showgirl, I finally found comfort with my body. I was able to feel comfortable being a bit heavier than I was used to in the ballet world and not having to worry that someone was going to judge me.

Having experienced both sides of the “weight” coin and going through all of that has helped me to let go and love my body, stretch marks and all. Not an easy thing for most women, but the sooner you let go of the things blocking your sensual self from coming forth, the sooner you can feel more confident and true to yourself.

My favorite way to do that is to laugh.

I see my kids do it everyday. They can snap out of a bad moment so quickly because they don’t dwell. And because they laugh. A LOT.

Lately, I have been trying to be more playful with my love. Running away from him, mini pillow fights, playful banter. It has really helped me to enjoy each day of this life more fully. Even if it takes the edge off just a tiny bit. And I feel better, more confident and of course, sexier.

Adding a little more playfulness can do wonders for your confidence, outlook on life and productivity. If you have little bursts of happiness to tap into each and every day, you are more likely to stay focused on the stuff that matters and get more work done. It’s a daily practice. Just laugh a little more…

I hope this helps you take a step back and laugh at yourself. It’s one of the first steps to feeling more confident and sexy.

Athena, aka Gazella

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