How Not to Lose a Wig Onstage

Showgirls.Life Blog How NOT to lose a wig onstage

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Please don’t fall off, please don’t fall off, please don’t fall off!

Ever had those pleading thoughts running through your head onstage? Not me. I was taught by the best in the biz how to secure my headpieces and hair so that the illusion of my character never faltered onstage.

And since I have recently taken in two shows where performers nearly lost their wigs, I feel the need to share my pro-tips with the world!

You probably know the feeling. You have 3-5 minutes to wow the audience and have the most fun of your life, but sadly that wig slips. Now instead of strutting your stuff and giving that audience your everything, you are focused on NOT losing the wig. The quality of your performance goes way down because you can’t focus on loving that audience and sharing all of you because part of you is focused on keeping that illusion intact.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Ever.

Let me illuminate some of my favorite ways to keep those wigs and falls on so that you can be at your best for every single satisfying moment on that stage.

How to wear wigs (the showgirl way)

There was a scene in Jubilee in which all the women wore long straight wigs and part of the choreography had to do with swinging their heads in time with the music, really getting that hair flying. They even got to flail about as Samson destroyed the kingdom at the end. You had to pin those suckers in in order to not lose it.

Tools for not losing your wigs. Ever. Again.

  • Fishnet wig cap: a greener way to reuse those damaged fishnets! They create friction so that wigs don’t slip around.
  • Circular hair combs (affiliate link): even the girls with pixie hair cuts managed to keep those babies on buy using circular combs (1-2 to create anchors for the fishnet wig caps to grip.)
  • Side hair combs (affiliate link): If you are not adding hair combs to your wig cap, they could slip and defeat the entire purpose of having a wig cap on in the first place. (Get Goody brand. The plastic doesn’t break as easily as Scünci brand)
  • Snap Clips (affiliate link): they keep your wig cap “closed” so that you have a smoother profile on your head under your wig.
  • Buns or ponytails: Having a low bun or multiple mini ponies at the bars of your hair creates more anchors for your wig to fit around and for you to pin into.
  • Bunheads Hair Pins (affiliate link): bobby pins just aren’t going to cut it to keep those wigs on. You need these <link> types of pins. They can grab more and be anchored into your bun or mini pony tails.

Showgirl Shortcuts: How NOT to Lose a Wig Onstage from Gazella on Vimeo.

I almost forgot! The key to keeping those wigs on is to create a way for it to anchor to the front and the back of your head. By wearing a pony or a bun, you have the backside covered. But to continue to work that hairography, you need to anchor the front. My secret?

Sew a comb in the front of every wig, fall or hair piece that you own.

Showgirls.Life Blog How NOT to lose a wig onstage

Trust me. If you forget to pin the bottom of your wig, it will save you from that uncomfortable slip.

Maintain that illusion from the moment you step on that stage til the moment you exit the stage. Keeping that appearance flawless elevates you as a performer in the minds of the audience, and they will be in awe of you.

Try these tips and see if they work for you! If you need more help, comment below and I will offer more suggestions.


Athena, aka Gazella

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