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Diversifying the Narrative: stories from dancers of the line formerly known as the Ebony line and beyond part 7

Showgirl's Life Podcast | ep 29 Diversifying the Narrative: stories from dancers of the line formerly known as the Ebony line and beyond part 1, featuring Jakki Ford

This is the final episode of a seven part series in which I feature guests that are all People of Color that performed in Hallelujah Hollywood, Jubilee, and/or Hello, Hollywood, Hello between 1973-2016. To culminate this series, I bring together the most impactful stories, previously unpublished, from the guests in this series and a few more from other guest’s conversations. We talk about racial discrimination in entertainment in the 50s and 60s, Hollywood casting in the 70s, casting for LA music videos in the 80s, racial discrimination in Europe in the 80s, how sticking with the “status quo” was important to the show’s standards, embracing the history of the “Ebony line” and appreciating the People of Color that paved the way for the younger generations of Jubilee dancers. This episode features Pete Menefee, Jakki Ford, Victor Littles, Anthony Brown, Gayve Littles, Frieda Bronfin, Eileen Ryans Scott and Andrew Branche as they share their experiences of racial discrimination in the entertainment industry.

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I promised to link the article quoted in the episode! Here is LaVerne Ligon sharing about the first all black chorus line in Las Vegas. Article in Vegas Seven written by Steven Bornfield, pg. 59.

ep 36 How being a Showgirl strengthens work ethic, confidence and being a woman comfortable in her own body featuring Amelia Bruff

Today’s episode features Amelia Bruff, former Bluebell dancer, magic assistant, line captain and swing from Donn Arden’s Jubilee. Amelia, or Millie as she was known to cast and crew, spent a total of 14 years on the Jubilee stage. 

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