Behind the Scenes: Bunny Brigade Documentary

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While this video is not fully Showgirl related, except yours truly being part of the cast, it is a creation that is very near and dear to my heart.

My love, Professor Phelyx, and I created this show. It was long before I dove into the history of the Showgirl and her role in the entertainment industry. I believe that this triggered for me the desire to create a place for Showgirls in history too.

The Bunny girls were another bunch of women who used their sex appeal and feminine power to get by in this world. I believe their role as strong women in a man’s world was just as important as the classic Showgirls and Bluebell dancers that made Las Vegas the city that it is today.

I wanted to share this with you this month, you know, bunnies and all…Enjoy this little documentary of the making of Bunny Brigade, my most complete show production to date.

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