Showgirl Story Time: Jubilee! Mural

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I made this video as part of a series of videos I recorded about details of being in the show. It’s short and sweet. I was lucky that I was able to capture the photos that I did, as the mural no longer exists. Which is really sad. But Caesars has a way of breaking hearts, so I am not that surprised that it came down. Watch the video to learn more about it and how I found out about it.


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  1. I used to love looking at this mural whenever I was in Las Vegas, and always wondered why they didn’t take 5 extra minutes to remove the phone and electrical outlets by the center principals. What nicknames did these 3 costumes have? I remember hearing various nicknames for some of the jewel box finale costumes on a few of the podcasts.

    1. Athena Patacsil

      Greg, oddly I thought that same thing when I first saw it!! lol! I will make a video about the three backpacks in the future. Thanks for the question!!

      I could probably do an entire series on the nicknames of the costumes. Which were actually not given by the designers, but the girls who wore them. I’m hoping to chat with Diane about all this someday!

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