How I Made Nine Showgirl Costumes For A Burlesque Show, Créme costumes part 2, process

Showgirl's Life | Inside Gazealous Studio Créme Showgirl act costumes introduction and part 2

Welcome to part two of the Créme Showgirl costume series. If you missed part one, you can see it here.

I get to discuss my favorite part of making costumes, the design process!! My process is pretty standard when it comes to design:
1) Inspiration
2) Plan
3) Prep
4) Construct

Some projects skip planning altogether and go straight into the doing, which is my favorite part of creation. Isn’t it yours?

For this series, I am describing what it was like to create a total of nine Showgirl costumes in a matter of weeks, along with staging, rehearsing and producing an entire show. I told you in my last post, I go BIG.

In the video below, I share the entire process of sewing, constructing and embellishing nine sets of feather fans and g strings for one 2 minute number. So much went into this number and it was performed only once. Maybe one day I will be able to share the video. But here I am walking you through the fun that I had while making these costumes. Enjoy!

Thank you for watching! Watch part three here.

Creme De Luxe Live Band Burlesque Show Denver, Colo Produced by Gazealous Productions

If you are curious about the video I mention that I made for my Members, you can see the full act video and more details about the entire act creation. Become a member to unlock access!

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