How I Made Nine Showgirl Costumes For A Burlesque Show, Créme costumes part 1: Inspiration

I’ve made many costumes in my life, but nothing as daunting as this costume I am going to share with you. (at least up to this point, but that is another story…)

In May of 2016, I produced my very first burlesque show. And I’m of the mind if you can’t go big, don’t even bother. So I went big. Really big. Almost too big to present on a stage in Denver, Colorado. Somehow it worked out, and we were able to perform the number for a small audience. I am still not sure if the audience was able to understand the impact of such a number being performed on that stage, but it definitely had an impact on me. It was the impetus to create the collection of Showgirl costumes and acts that I have and continue to create today.

Watch the video below to learn more details on the Showgirl costumes I made for nine girls for Créme de Luxe Live Band Burlesque show.

Thank you for watching!

Part two releases next week! Stay tuned!

💋 Athena

If you are curious about the video I mention that I made for my Patrons, you can see the full act video and more details about the entire act creation. Click the button below to watch!

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