How I Made Nine Showgirl Costumes For A Burlesque Show, Créme costumes part 1: Inspiration

I’ve made many costumes in my life, but nothing as daunting as this costume I am going to share with you. (at least up to this point, but that is another story…)

In May of 2016, I produced my very first burlesque show. And I’m of the mind if you can’t go big, don’t even bother. So I went big. Really big. Almost too big to present on a stage in Denver, Colorado. Somehow it worked out, and we were able to perform the number for a small audience. I am still not sure if the audience was able to understand the impact of such a number being performed on that stage, but it definitely had an impact on me. It was the impetus to create the collection of Showgirl costumes and acts that I have and continue to create today.

Watch the video below to learn more details on the Showgirl costumes I made for nine girls for Créme de Luxe Live Band Burlesque show.

Thank you for watching! I mention the Patreon link and that is no longer valid. Click below to see the video of the act and the full process of the making of the act, or watch Part two.


Creme De Luxe Live Band Burlesque Show Denver, Colo Produced by Gazealous Productions

If you are curious about the video I mention that I made for my Members, you can see the full act video and more details about the entire act creation. Become a member to unlock access!


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