7 proven ways to use your alter ego to get what you want

Showgirl's Life blog | 7 proven ways to use your alter ego to get what you want

7 Ways to Use Your Alter Ego to Get What You Want

Think that an alter ego is just for the stage? Think again.

I have successfully used my alter ego, Gazella, to navigate through some of the #adulting tasks in life that most shy away from due to their insecurities or lack of self-confidence, and some other ways to just be comfortable in my own skin.

Alter egos are a fantastic way to allow yourself to do difficult things, have tough conversations or just improve your authenticity in your interactions with others.

Here are seven of my favorite ways that I have used my alter ego when NOT slaying an audience:

To snag a man (or play with boys)

When I first met my love, I was definitely not in a relationship mode. I was having fun with boys and tantalizing them with Gazella’s wiles.

The boys always responded to the flashy tactics that Gazella was so fond of employing. It was quite the roller coaster ride of dating for two and half years. (Dating these days is really annoying and difficult for both parties, with the digital aspects and the flakiness of most prospects, it really is a hard effort to get yourself back out there.)

Gazella was there for me, to help me navigate the shittiness that IS dating in the 21st century. 

And she was there for me when it was time to fall in love again. She was the tough, confident self (or safe container,) that allowed me to be vulnerable and open with my love, and five years later we are still madly in love and our passion is continually growing.

Ask for a pay raise

Gazella was the energy that I donned when it was time to ask for that pay raise. 

I put on my lashes and lips and wrote the email. I was shocked to find that the answer was “Yes!” And continued to stretch the limits of my pay asks with each show that I produced.

While I wasn’t always able to negotiate the rate I wanted, doors were opening up immediately after for higher paying opportunities that afforded me more fun and adventure. As well as the opportunity to put on my “Big Girl Panties” and create more fulfilling productions, such as my Showgirl’s Life podcast and livestreams for my Patrons.

Launch a new offering or product

When I was hitting the “publish” button for my very first podcast episode, I was so nervous! It was the first really big project that I had created in awhile that was REALLY putting myself out there! 

But I had used my alter ego, Gazella, to create the entire mood of the podcast, from the interviews to the branding and graphics, so I knew that it was going to be a success. 

Gazella’s passion for the history of the Showgirl and her part of the legacy shines through with every photo, graphic and video released with each episode. 

To set boundaries

Gazella doesn’t mess around. She is very direct and doesn’t really care what other people think. She is not mean about it, and doesn’t trample over people. She is just very clear with her boundaries. Boys, vendors, employers, etc. She makes sure that people know the line and when they have crossed it in a firm and dignified way. 

Negotiate a large purchase

Gazella was with me the day that I bought both of my Fiats. The first negotiation didn’t go so well, but the second, well the second one was a bit better for me in the long run, and I still love my bright orange Fiat today, 4 1/2 years later.

Nail a job interview

Before I named Gazella, she was with me for my last full time position interview. She awed the hiring managers with her attitude, demeanor and confidence for an immediate job opportunity. Unfortunately, Gazella and the manager didn’t quite get along at the end. One of the downfalls of alter egos is that if they are allowed to take over, shit can get real bad, real quick. So Gazella now knows her place in my world.

Inspire others

Gazella can have two effects on people, they can either love her or be incredibly jealous of her. The jealous ones just aren’t open or receptive to the brilliance that Gazella has to offer. The ones that love her? Well, they are actually seeing something that resides within themselves and that is what is drawing them to her. And so she inspires others to be their best selves. Which is one of my favorite things that she does when I embody her energy. 

Have you ever been in any of these situations and wish you had an alter ego to call on for support or a safe container to be yourself in? Drop a comment below to share!

Athena, aka Gazella

Amplify You | A podcast series created to inspire you to take up more space and shine in a world that has conditioned you to be small.

Amplify You Podcast

A podcast series created to inspire you to take up more space and shine in a world that has conditioned you to be small.

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