Showgirl Story Short: Anna Cooke on being a topless dancer

Showgirls in Costume

Corporate gig circa 2003.

My friend Anna, who came into Jubilee with a long resume of shows and experience, has always been an amazing and supportive friend through the years.

This particular gig was to talk to an audience about our Showgirl experiences and debunk some misconceptions that people often have when hearing the term Showgirl.

On a recent visit to Vegas, I had a ☕️ with her and we reminisced about our experience in the “Short Nude” room.

The most inspiring part of her story came when she told me the thoughts she had as the curtain rose on her first night in the show.

“I remember thinking ‘Oh my God! I am part of this history, I am part of something big! Shit, my tits are out!!!’ And that was the last time I thought about being topless on stage.”

She always has a way of telling it like it is. But inspired me to believe that a lot of women really appreciated that time as a Las Vegas Showgirl and our place in history.

Make sure to listen to her episode to hear more about her amazing story on the Showgirl’s Life podcast: episode 12 Command that stage with a walk.

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