Under Stage Lights: All I Need is the Girl Act

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As promised, I wanted to share another performance video with you. This is one of my last performances in 2018. I had become tired of the burlesque scene and was ready to call it quits. I created this act to close the Bunny Brigade Show that my love and I produced to tribute the Bunny Girls and Playmates. We have a thing for history, can you tell?

The original version of this act was actually a burlesque act, full on striptease, to a completely different song, with a very different costume. But once I completed the Showgirl hat and feather packs on the hips, it became inappropriate to strip as a Showgirl. So, I created this new version of the act to pay homage to my training as a Showgirl and playfully remind the men that “we don’t really need you.”

? Athena

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