Under the Stage Lights, A love Story Tribute

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Here is another story that I have held close to me, until now.

This was another burlesque act that I created, and it is so close to my heart.

I created this act for my love, Professor Phelyx.

Our love was very new at this point, and we were both extremely scared and tormented by the feelings that we were experiencing with each other.

Both of us had been married and divorced twice before and weren’t sure if we were ready to be that vulnerable again.

Could we really love again?

But as with any new relationship the butterflies, light-headedness and constant thoughts of each other were intense, to say the least.

We had been falling for each other for almost 2 months by the time I debuted this act, and various symbols of our love for each other started to appear.

Surprise love notes tucked into each other’s show bags, pet names, a logo representing our love, a tag on my car of our logo, a special handkerchief.

I took that symbol and blended it into this act, and “secretly” created an act for him. While he was aware of the creation of the costume, he was not privy to the whole of the creation. He was not allowed to attend rehearsals or see practice videos, as he had in the past.

When we walked into the venue the night of the debut, he knew my nervousness was about an act I was to debut, but he had no idea of the impact that act would leave on him.

The “O” act was inspired by our new relationship, the intense feelings we were feeling and our most prized symbol of our love, the handkerchief.

The handkerchief was our token. It was the object that traveled with us when we were apart.

I had my children every other week, and wasn’t ready to introduce him into their lives. So the handkerchief held each other’s place.

This act was my love note to him, to let him know that I was ready to take on this relationship for real. And that debut made him weepy. It was quite the intense time for us. 

The act is called “O” because that was his pet name for me. He gave me this name when he realized “Oh! Oh shit! Oh no!” that he was falling in love with this Showgirl. Watch the act here.

I was able to continue to perform this act for about a year. My last performance of it was at the Arizona Burlesque Festival, and those feelings had gone. It had done its job and connected us on a level that surprised both of us, and it was no longer necessary to perform it.

Thank you for reading this tender story about my love for a magician. ❤️


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