Showgirl Story Time: Paris Trip 2019 Intro + Promo Announcement 🎉

Hey there Patrons and Guests!

It’s time for a promo!! 

I would love to gather more support around preserving the history of the Las Vegas Showgirl! So I created a series of exclusive videos just for my Patrons!!

This is the first video in a series of videos I created to share about my experience traveling to Paris in the summer of 2019 to participate in the Bluebells Forever Reunion organized by Showbiz Friends at the Lido de Paris—exactly one year ago today!!

For the next 7 days, I will be sharing a video where I recount the tales of our excursions and share exclusive photos and videos. On day 7, I will wrap up the series by presenting the top 11 things I learned on my trip.

Become a Patron to be granted access to the whole series, in real time. 

This offer won’t last long! Only 7 days to become a Patron. These videos will be available to all Patrons for a limited time.*

Thank you for your support! 
💋 Athena

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