Showgirl Story Time: Defining Pixie Awards & Put ins

Hello! More Showgirl terminology definition in this Showgirl Story Time video. I was inspired to create this video after interviewing former Jubilee! principal singer, Randall Patterson for episode 007, You Can Never Go Back. He mentioned a few things that I thought would be worth defining here. Here you will learn what Pixie Awards are as well as what a “Put-in” rehearsal, (term used for a Showgirl dress rehearsal,) is.

Both terms are unique to Jubilee cast members. Pixie awards were created to help build camaraderie amongst the performers. And you get a peek into what kinds of awards were given, and they were not your typical safe for corporate types of awards!!

Put-ins were the term given to the special rehearsal that happened during contract change when new performers would be “put in” to the show. It was their only chance at a proper, full tech/dress rehearsal before they performed their opening night. A bit like being thrown in the deep end, now that I look back!

? Athena 

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