episode 1

Launching from
the hotseat

Showgirls.Life – Pre-professional performance coaching

This episode is the introduction to the host of Showgirl’s Life podcast, Athena Patacsil, aka Gazella. Learn about her path to becoming a Las Vegas Showgirl, why she began this podcast, and sneak peeks to future episodes.

From ballerina to Showgirl, Athena explains how body image in the dance world can make or break you. Listen for the fulls details of her life that went from grueling to glamorous from just one audition.

Las Vegas Showgirl ephemera Bally's Jubilee! Storyteller Showcase

Want more Showgirl Stories?

Every episode will feature a new guest that has performed as a Showgirl or Showboy in Las Vegas and all over the world. To see more photos of each guest and to listen to bonus episodes not available to the public, go to my Patreon page. 

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