How NOT to POP a Pastie!

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As I entered the world of showbusiness, I never thought I would see the day when I would wear pasties onstage. What the heck are pasties in the first place?!? I was a Las Vegas showgirl for years and never wore a pastie. What a relief too! They are a pain in the nipple!! Since I came back to the stage, it has been quite an interesting journey with these sticky nipple covers. If you’re interested in the history of the pastie, there is a great coffee table book available here.

Since I’m a HUGE DIY-er, I have never purchased another maker’s pasties. I got my know how from Jo Boob’s book “The Burlesque Handbook.” Click the image to purchase. (affiliate link)

My first pasties I made were round and flat “stickers” covered in Swarovskis. I didn’t enjoy the look of the super bullet pointed ones so made flat ones. They were ok.

showgirls life nipple pasties history

As I progressed, I began to see the appeal of the pointy pastie. And set out to make a unique pair to match my new (at the time) beaded Shimmy costume. All the others out there were encrusted with stones, I wanted a more Art Deco look to match the beading I had done on my g-string. And I came up with these:

Showgirls Life Gold Nipple Pasties

They were really pretty and unique, but too large for my breasts. They made them look small. So I set out to create smaller ones and came up with 4 different sizes. You can purchase these beautiful works of art here.

One of the most frequent questions I get when non-show people buy my wares is,

How do you stick them?

There are numerous ways to stick them these days! There are a number of adhesive options and every performer is usually very married to their preference. Spirit Gum, Carpet Tape, Elmer’s Spray Adhesive, Toupee tape—those are the most popular these days.

These two products are my must have for keeping those pasties stuck!

ShurTape Indoor / Outdoor Carpet Tape 1.41-in x 42-ft, White (affiliate link)

Roberts 50-560 Roll of Double-Sided Acrylic Carpet Adhesive Strip-Tape, 1″ x 164′ (affiliate link)

After 4 years in the burlesque world, I have my own method of making sure I never pop a pastie! The only time I did, well…that’s another story! Watch the video below of my how to tape your pasties.

How NOT to POP a Pastie! from Gazella on Vimeo.




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