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Introducing Sexy Self Care: everything you need to cultivate your unique sensual self care routine in just 4 weeks.

Sexy Self Care is a small-group coaching intensive designed to support you in developing a sensual self care ritual that turns you on and lights you up in 2022.

At the end of the 4 weeks you will have:
A personalized self care ritual that honors your time and cycle
20 exercises that nourish your body, heart, mind & spirit
Your personalized set of intentions to guide your 2022

Don’t let 2022 be another year where you keep yourself on the back burner and keep adding to your “someday, I’ll…” list. With my support and intuitive guidance, you will be prioritizing you, your worth and, ultimately, your impact in this world.

By joining Sexy Self Care

  • You’ll learn the exact method I use to dispel guilt/shame
  • You’ll learn how to prioritize your SELF
  • You’ll learn how to shift Selfish into empowerment
  • You’ll discover methods of self care that work for YOU
  • You’ll learn to let go of #capablewomansyndrome
  • And you will finally start a year off in a sustainable and effective way

Imagine beginning the year with the support to shift into a more empowered way of being that will serve you for the whole of 2022 and beyond.

If you are ready to create your signature Sexy Self Care ritual, sign up now.
We start January 9, 2022.

More details available here.


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