Sensational Selfie System

Part 1: Goddess Guide to Plan

This video training includes everything you need to know to use a shoot plan to map out every detail of your own selfie shoot.You’ll discover why you need a Shoot Plan, how to fill it out to set yourself up for success, and guidelines for how much time to set aside for shooting.


How (and Why) to Use a Shoot Plan

Part 2: Goddess Guide to Shoot

Your Sensational Selfie shoot is a solo exercise where you’ll play in front of the camera. This video training will show you how to set-up, what’s involved in your prep and everything you need to do to execute the actual shoot. In this section, you’ll discover how to practice, set-up your gear, set, and props, as well as prepping your radiant self for the shoot. You’ll also learn the Mystique Technique to add that special sauce to your photos, giving you that secret advantage and confidence boost any time you’re in front of the camera.


Practice • Prep • Shoot

Part 3: Goddess Guide to Edit

In this video tutorial, you will learn the F.A.V.E. Method (which is the exact procedure I use,) to select and edit your photos to create Sensational Selfies that will inspire and awe your audience. No fancy editing software needed, just a smartphone and a $2.99 app!You’ll get my best recommendations for app usage and tricks to hack the app as I go through an onscreen tutorial to show you how I edit one photo to produce four final shots.


F.A.V.E. Method to Turn Your Shots into Sensational Selfies

Confident Conduit: 8 Days to Reveal a More Confident You

Want to amplify your confidence in your shoots and in life? Gain access to my short training, Confident Conduit, and learn how to create and embody an alter ego (stage persona) to boost your confidence in front of the camera using this 7-step framework. Seven quick video trainings plus downloadable worksheets included! 


Reveal You Part 1: Introduction Reveal You Part 2: Permission Reveal You Part 3: Inspiration Reveal You Part 4: Parallels Reveal You Part 5: Create! Reveal You Part 6: What's Her Name? Reveal You Part 7: Time to Play!! Bonus Lesson: What's Your Brand of Sexy?


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