Amplify You

One on one coaching to go from insecure and embarrassed to passionate and empowered!

You struggle with confidence and trusting yourself.

You are tired of playing down your fancy, but you have body image issues and don’t feel comfortable in your skin.

You feel a deep desire to dress up and express yourself.

You so desperately want to feel glamorous, sexy, femme, and empowered by your femininity.

You crave to feel unrestrained.

You wonder how to incorporate beauty and glam in your everyday life when you are elbow deep in diapers, puree and hypocritical standards placed on women by a society that is suffering from Patriarchy Stress Disorder©.

You want to start to challenge yourself beyond what you normally do

You could finally get to want what you want, (and not feel guilty about it!)

That pesky scale and those beauty ideals? You will break up with them and begin to loosen up and feel more comfortable in your body.

With Amplify You one on one coaching, you will learn to embrace the fact that you are a gorgeous woman, and that your sensuality is innate and is not something to reject or condemn. You will step into your power and harness your sexy!

It feels like turning on the light in a room that you didn’t know was dark.

Amplify You | One on One coaching with former Las Vegas Showgirl Athena Patacsil | Imagine a life where you feel more comfortable with your body, glamorous, sexy, and unrestrained.

With Amplify You coaching:

  • You’ll learn how to reconnect with the divine feminine.
  • You’ll discover how to let loose and play, flirt and have fun again.
  • You’ll begin to develop your capacity to be present to magic within and without.
  • You’ll learn to cultivate peace within so that you can get off the FOMO train once and for all.
  • You’ll learn how to recognize and stop the people-pleasing that is selling yourself out by doing #allthethings.
  • You’ll understand how to quit second-guessing yourself and your choices so that you can have more faith in you and your power.

Imagine a life where you feel more comfortable with your body, glamorous, sexy, and unrestrained.

After you learn to Amplify You, a feeling of coming home and the authenticity of a goddess embodied will permeate you and your life.
I'm Athena!
Intuitive Coach &
Former Las Vegas Showgirl
I’m a former Las Vegas Showgirl who teaches women to feel more comfortable in their bodies so they can get their sexy back. By sharing the history and mystique of the Showgirl, I help women embody confidence so that they can take their power back and feel like their best self.

Ready to Amplify?

Your Amplify You coaching includes

Coaching calls

1 hour virtual coaching calls, recorded for future use. 6 for 3 months or 12 for 6 months

Voxer Support

Voxer support for those self-doubting moments when you need a pep talk from your Showgirl BFF

Play Work

Customized downloads and worksheets to help you with your transformation between calls

Once you learn to Amplify You, you will wonder how (and why the eff,) you were operating in the dark for so long. It’s time to discard that old identity and step into the new you!

How the magic happens

First, you get naked. Hah! Just kidding—it’s more of a metaphorical nudity. To start, you will fill out the form linked below with a lot of deep diving questions so I can have a better understanding of exactly where you are in your journey back to you. Specificity is key here!

Then, we start our sessions— two per month, so that there's integration time in between. Together, we'll discover your unique path towards how to harness your sexy and embody a more playful, flirty and confident you.

Methods We'll Use

I am woo AF, so a lot of this work involves understanding and working with energies and spirituality.



Movement exercises

Stillness practices

Amplify YOU Coaching

$6000 (6 months) or $3000 (3 months)

Payment plan available, $1150 per month

Finally feel the confidence in your body and YOU to go after what you want and get it.

Go from insecure and embarrassed to passionate and empowered!

How does this work?


Fill out this form

Be as specific as possible. Tell me how it feels, hurts or about the fears that keep you up at night. Keep it to regarding your transformation, unless you feel like that weird alien that won’t leave you alone in your dreams is important to this work.


Need a payment plan?

No worries! When you fill out the form, check the payment plan box. You'll get a recurring invoice sent to you.


Take a breather

Within 2 days, I will review your responses to the questions and reach out to send the coaching agreement and invoice to begin our co-creative partnership.


Set up the play dates!

Once all the paperwork is settled, it’s time to set up our play dates! I will send you the link to the scheduling app. You can choose to schedule one at a time or all six at once, up to you!

Time to go on an adventure! Let’s enjoy the journey together!

Questions? Let me know what’s on your mind. Send me an email:


"I've learned to loosen up more and become more comfortable with my body, I've come to a place where I want to start to challenge myself beyond what I normally do and I've learned to have more faith in myself. [She] is a teacher that wants to truly see you grow and learn to be kind to yourself, so you can also have fun enjoying the process.”   
Shundra/Cha Cha Collette
Lighting technician/burlesque artist
I learned that I am a gorgeous woman and my sensuality is innate and nothing to hide or not embrace.
Shannon E.
I have a stronger sense of my own beauty.
Stephanie S.
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