Under Stage Lights: Creepy Doll

Happy Halloween, Member!!

Here is the crown jewel of my Halloween burlesque collection!! I created this act in 2014, with the guidance of a burlesque headliner. I took the city of Denver by storm with this one. It was requested every year for Halloween thereafter. I even headlined with this act in 2015.

So, you might know that I don’t really care for “gross” burlesque. Meaning, I despise zombie burlesque, blood and gore. Even though, the very first burlesque show I saw in 2013 was a zombie burlesque show and is the reason I came out of retirement. I knew Halloween was coming up and had to come up with something because it is the most profitable month/weekend for burlesque performers. This was that creation. I wanted to be creepy, but cute. And I wanted to do something others weren’t doing. I hope you enjoy! Have a wonderful Halloween weekend!!

? Athena

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