Under Stage Lights: A Love Song for Dracula Burlesque

Hello Member!

I thought it would be fun to share some performance videos this month to count down to Halloween!

This first act I am sharing is very important to me. It was a resurrected solo from my teen years that I decided to turn into a burlesque act, in 2016. I had a signature act already, (which will be shared the last week of the month,) but I wanted to do something VERY different that year. So I pulled out this act, distilled it, and added some naughty to it. Because that’s what you do when you are all grown up! hah!

Maybe some day I will share the original. I won a bunch of trophies for it. I was 13-14, in love with Gary Oldman and the movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Which is where the song came from. My mom choreographed it on me, and over the years, I added to it. I won second place overall at a nationals competition with the solo. The only person that beat me was a semi-pro boy. I’m not bitter. ? The last time I performed it was when I was 17 years old for the high school talent show.

I took all the awesome choreography out, one because I couldn’t do it anymore and two, because the stage is a postage stamp. And the cape is new. I didn’t have a red cape in the original. I like this one. It’s a lot more adult. And maybe one day I will get to do it again. If you’ve never seen burlesque, it is very different from what Showgirls did onstage. More tease and sex. Enjoy this adult version of “Mina.” ?Athena

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