2019 Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide Brands of Sexy

Happy Holidays!!! 

The holidays are descending upon us and it’s time to prepare for my favorite time of year!!!

There’s something so magical about when the seasons change and the lights begin to twinkle. It is just such an uplifting feeling. I think if people would allow the magic to reach them, they would feel much less rushed, irritated and more joyful overall. It really is the time of year to feel the love and give the love!

This year, I have decided to release a HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE that is based on the Brands of Sexy.

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What's Your Brand of Sexy?

Curious about how you show up with your feminine essence in this world? Take my quiz to find out what your Brand of Sexy is, and learn how to AMPLIFY it!

Once you identify your primary brand of sexy, you can relate to the gifts I’ve chosen to satisfy the desires of each brand. We all have a little bit of each brand inside us, but some choose to focus more on their dominant brand and some would like to strengthen other brands. Take a look at my picks for this holiday season and share with your loved ones the things you truly desire!!

There are quite a few experiences and coaching offers within this guide as these offers are the perfect gifts for those who would rather focus on self love and don’t want to add material items to their wishlist. Experiential gifts are perfect for the ones that have everything or are the hardest to shop for. Take a look!!

Gifts for the


Holiday Gift Guide Goddess Pin This Showgirl Gifts Goddess Gifts Glamour GIfts

Gifts for the


Holiday Gift Guide Competitor Pin This Competitor Gifts Flirty Gifts fit lady Gifts Sexy Gifts

Feel free to share this guide socially or on your wishlist!

Have a wonderful holiday and don’t forget to practice SELF CARE!!!


Athena, aka Gazella

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